Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Philadelphia has a historic moment now to choose a new leader. After Constance Clayton, David Hornbeck and Paul Vallas, who are we looking for? The three finalists are currently Arlene Ackerman, former superintendent of schools in San Francisco and Washington DC; Kent McGuire, Dean of Temple’s College of Education; and Leroy Nunery, a former official with Edison Schools Inc. who headed Edison’s School Management and Charter Schools division. (Check out Parents United's website for a list of articles on the public record about the finalists --

A citizens committee of some 40 individuals representing interests as diverse as parents, business, city and state officials and youth groups (including Parents United) has an opportunity to interview the candidates in January. The SRC hopes to announce the CEO by the end of the month.

What are your thoughts about the next CEO? What kind of qualifications should they have? What are the top priorities for us as parents? What more information would you like to see about the top three candidates?