Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Thanks to everyone who continues to post to Parents United's blog. With the summer months coming, things may be a little slow around here, but we hope to reinvigorate the blog by September with new discussion topics and many more chances for you, the parents and teachers of Philadelphia's public school kids, to have your voices heard.

Stay cool!

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Parents United said...

A parent commented:

"Thank you! Thank you!

I am so grateful to see we as parents finally taking a stand to public education in Philadelphia. I am a mother of two little girls who attented a private school in philadelphia which was costing me so much to send them to school. I wanted a good education and environment for my kids. Two years ago, I could not afford to continue to send them to that school and was grateful for a charter school in the north east who accepted them. This school has not been in operation for very long , but is very caring and making strives to see their students do well in school. I would like to see a library at this school where the students can go and do research work or independent reading, but because of limited grounds they can't. There's also a problem with the gynm facility; it is not what you would see in non city schools. Their gynm need to be updated so it will encourage students to participate in all activities."